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Monday, May 9, 2011

Starting Again

One of my favorite magnets on my fridge says... Never enough time to do it right but always enough time to do it over...

So I am starting this blog...again. I didn't realize until a few days ago that I have two blogs going. I have 40 followers on this one and 8 on the other one. So in order not to disappoint the majority I am going to start using this blog and try to bring some of older blogs over to this blog. (Gotta love copy and paste).

My apologies to the 40 followers for not realizing this error until now.

Life has been busy though, which is as good excuse as I can give. I have finished my student teaching and my Masters Degree in Special Education. (What an accomplishment). I can now sign my name with M. ED. behind it. (whoo-hoo). Trying to get applications filled out now for teaching jobs and teacher licenses is not an easy task. Whew! Very time consuming. I am also thinking of putting my shingle out to be a consultant for homeschool moms who deal with students with special needs. I was a homeschool mom for 15 + years with two students who had special needs. One student was diagnosed with ADD and one student was recently diagnosed with Autistic Disorder. If I knew back then what I know now... what a difference that would've made.

My daughter is staying with me for the time being. Her four dogs and my four dogs, plus the four puppies that we could not find a home for = twelve dogs! Yea! I am in trouble. Have to go to court on June 7th and show proof of license registration and inoculations for my four dogs. Sigh.... My number one pet peeve... (get it) has got to be nosy, busybody neighbors.

Two of the Puppies: Lucy and Cricket the Rocket Dog (Still need a good family to go live with)

My dear father passed away March 27th. I have been busy trying to scrapbook old pictures from his high school years and early married life. I am looking for "vintage" and or other ideas from those of you who have scrapbooked your parent's pictures. I am finding it to be very therapeutic.

And last but not least.... I am now a Stampin Up Demonstrator! Check out my Stampin Up blog too!


Onward then!


  1. If there was a way to get them to Florida, we would take a couple puppies off your hands Deb!

  2. Really... I could take a trip. I have always wanted to visit Florida...