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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Why I Scrapbook

I'll admit it. I am feeling in a funk today. Asking myself if there is something more than just waking up every morning, working as a "guest teacher," going to the gym and working out trying to get over a plateau. What am I doing wrong? Is it really just what I eat? Am I not giving enough effort? Daily questions, I continuously ask myself.

I like my job but I do get bored. I like working out. I like my new trainer but why is it that the fitter one gets the harder they have to work? Ouch!

Losing weight took a lot of learning to change my habits towards the life I really want. I am not there yet but I can honestly say - the past three years, I have felt like an onion...peeling the layers off one by one of bad habits and negative thoughts and replacing them with new ones and positive ones.

I am not there yet. I have more to learn and more to do and more layers of the onion to peel. But I'm getting there. I honestly have to say - I'm getting there.

I feel blessed to have this Guest Teacher long-term position as a Sped Resource Teacher. I love my kiddoes - even though I only have 3 on my caseload. I love my new trainer/s who are taking me farther in my workouts than I ever thought I could achieve.

And these past 30 days through the 30 Day Challenge by Megan Elizabeth. I have learned that I really want to encourage others and to be an inspiration and to help others be successful and to be there for them when they start to peel back the layers.

That is why I like to scrapbook so much and why I became a Close to My Heart consultant. Because as you peel back the layers - you can take your pictures from your past and share your story and EVERYBODY has a story to tell. And as you tell you your story through your pictures of your childhood, wedding, your children and grandchildren, friends you have made, places you have been, you find yourself smiling - even through the peeling of an onion - layer by layer. You begin to realize that you have been blessed beyond measure and the feeling of being in a funk fades away.

  I want to help people share their stories. So I am asking you if you read this - would you have a workshop in your home? I will come to you and show you how to share your story. And yep, I would even travel.


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