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2. I need to grow as an Independent Close To My Heart Consultant.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

100 Positive Things About My Life Part I

Today, my fitness trainer gave me a challenge to write a list of 100 positive things about my life. I don't know if anyone has noticed but I have been kind of a Negative Nellie lately. Too many negative thoughts bounding through my brain, from David being in Afghanistan, the house going back into foreclosure, and whether or not I look "fat" in a tank top  - and it has led to some serious depressed moments.
Well, I am sorry. I didn't mean to cause anyone any discomfort if I have been too negative and I will take my fitness trainer up on this challenge and write this list of 100 Positive Things About My Life. (Feel free to skim - this may get boring).

See?! I did it again!!! Negativity!

Okay - here goes

1. David loves me (at least I think he does).
2. Jesus loves me (this I know)..
3. Jubilee my little Malti-Poo likes to curl up next to me when I am sad.
4. Journey, my little Chihuahua boy, likes to do the same
5. They cheer me up and I love them.
6. I can run now - before I couldn't.
7. I can swim now - before I didn't know how
8. I have lost 115 pounds to date
9. I only have 30 more pounds til I reach my goal weight.
10. I like avocados.
11. I love raw spinach!
12. I really really like protein smoothies with berries or cherries.
13. I have a really comfortable bed.
14. I have a roof over my head.
15. I have a car that runs - even though the engine light keeps coming on and going off.
16. I have a blender that works good.
17. I have a beautiful granddaughter.
18. I have a beautiful daughter-in-law who loves my baby boy.
19. I have two adult children that still live with me - which keeps me company when David is gone.
20. My kids living at home while David is gone keeps me from going "batty"
21. I have a lot of Vera Bradley stuff and what I don't have I can borrow from Kimberly.
22. I am creative.
23. I am really good at crocheting.
24. I have a lot of healthy food in my fridge.
25. I am learning how to budget my money and control my spending.
26. I have some really good friends on Facebook.
27. I have some really good friends in Colorado and Virginia and Arizona and Oklahoma and Florida and Missouri and all over... 
28. I have an awesome sister - who is also my best friend.
29. I have a great and Godly mother.
30. I have three brothers that care about me.

(Okay - this is getting harder)

31. I have my own scrapbook room
32. I have a lot of ideas to grow as an Independent Consultant with Close to My Heart (I just need to follow through with them).
33. I have a good job as a substitute that gives me flexibility so I can go to the gym and workout and lose this weight.
34. I have a really good fitness trainer - who has been there for me during some difficult times and has helped me through a lot (He will be missed)
35. I have a lot of good support at Lifetime - who will keep me on the straight and narrow after my fitness trainer moves.
36. I have a new touch screen laptop - which I like.
37. I am starting to figure out Windows 8.
38. I feel healthier now that I have ever felt in my life.
39. I do not have to use my emergency inhaler at all anymore.
40. I have not had to take allergy medication in over a year because I have not needed it.
41. David bought me a video camera for my birthday.
42. David bought me a Cricut Expression 2 for Christmas
43. I have made some new friends at the gym.
44. Elaine is my friend and my movie buddy.
45. I met Gloria yesterday at the gym - who has to walk with a cane. She asked me for my help and I was glad to be available to her. We sat and talked for over an hour. She is a retired school teacher of over 50 years. Who knew?
46. I live in America - which is still the land of the free and the home of the brave.
47. I have lived in Alaska, Missouri, Virginia, Iowa, Colorado, Arizona and Tennessee.
48. I have leadership capabilities - if I change my attitude
49. I can be an inspiration to others.
50. I have a desire to be a writer.

I am going to have to continue this in part 2.... This is not that easy.

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  1. I am proud of you Deb! Keep thinking and the other 50 will come to you. Tell that ratty old devil he can't steal your Joy!