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Friday, July 19, 2013

Bumblebees and Fitness Training

 The other day, I read a quote by Mary Kay Ash, which said, "Aerodynamic engineers studied the bumblebee and decided that it simply should NOT be able to fly! It's wings are too weak and its body too heavy for flight. Everything seems to tell the bumblebee, you'll never get off the ground, but I like to think that maybe - just maybe - our Divine Creator whispered, you can do it. So it did!

My name Deborah means bee. Sometimes I like to compare myself to a bumblebee. I am pretty much sweet until you make me mad, then I can have a wicked sting. I do work hard. But I never realized that aerodynamic researchers thought the bumblebee could not fly. I used to think that about myself. Sometimes, I still do. It's hard to come from being almost 300 pounds, not being able to even walk around the block without having to call someone to come pick me up because I couldn't breathe - down  110 pounds without having some residual effects of being overweight. I still have to remind myself every day that I am not fat now...I am healthy...I am strong and I am never going back to old Debbie - the bumblebee that thought it could not fly.

Because I can. I can fly! Just as the Divine Creator believed his creation could fly, I have had a lot of people who supported me and believed that I too could fly. I know sometimes I rant and rave about my fitness trainer, but really, next to my husband, he has been my biggest support. He believes I can fly. He reminded me of that again today, when I needed it. He said you can do it! And I did! I ran around the gym building - the whole building - in 6 minutes.

How does that song go? I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the sky! That's how running makes me feel when I believe in myself and when I believe the people who tell me, "you can do it!" Thank you to those who believe in me - my husband, my kids, my sister and my mother, my friends, my fitness trainer and my nutritionist and to everyone else.

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