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Friday, February 22, 2013

Keep on Believing

Am I my own worst enemy? I often times think so. I complain, whine, argue, think negatively, a lot... at least according to some people I do. And they are probably right. I am always and forever thinking I can't do something. I might fail. It looks too hard. The negativity list could go on and on. I am my own worst enemy when I am constantly berating and belittling myself and not believing in all I can do.

I meet with a personal trainer three times a week. (Alex Beeding). Yesterday he started setting basketballs on the court at various intervals, 5 basketballs total, and told me to run to each spot, grab the ball, dribble it back to home court and shoot the ball till I made a basket. Oh and by the way, you only have 1 min and 30 seconds to do the last set! What?!!! I kept telling myself there was absolutely no way I could collect all the basketballs and do the required motion in that less of time. How could I possibly do what he's asking? I can barely dribble a ball standing but dribbling a ball while running down the basketball court - what is my trainer thinking? I could be 5 minutes trying to get the basketball into the hoop!!!!

I could come up with many reasons (my fitness trainer would call them excuses) as to why I couldn't do this exercise. I think I voiced a few of them. Each one was shot down by my trainer. He's good at that. Always has been. Again and again, showing me how to do an exercise to demonstrate determination on how easy it can be. Each time I go ahead and do the exercise or activity that he gives me and I amaze myself. I've improved. I did it! It did get easier! Each time my trainer gives me that look that says, "You say you can't do things and then you do them effortlessly."

He is always telling me that it doesn't matter what you are trying to accomplish, if you tell yourself you can't, you won't and it will all be because YOU did not BELIEVE in yourself. From weight loss, getting in shape, getting a job as a teacher, surviving deployments, paying off bills - YOU need to believe in yourself first before anyone else will.

I'm blessed to have a fitness trainer to tell me these things. This has been his mantra to me for the past year and a half since I started working with him. He's not there to hand me compliments after the fact. Although, the occasional good job and well done, when I deserve it, is great extrinsic motivation. The lesson I learned yesterday, which I think finally sank in, was, I can do whatever I set my mind to. The same is true for you. You can do whatever you set your mind to.

Believe in yourself. Remember your reasons and your goals. It will get done. Having a heart for something is the most important step. Take that step and keep walking. You'll get there.

Its a work in progress.
Keep believing!

By the way. The last time I ran to collect all those basketballs, dribble them back to home court and shoot the ball, I did it under the 1 min and 30 seconds. It was the best session ever! I learned to believe in myself.

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