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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Making It Through 10 Days Without A Fitness Trainer

Okay...I can hear what you are thinking after just reading the title. Whats the big deal about being without a fitness trainer? Well, when you've worked with the worlds best fitness trainer (Alex Beeding)  for over a year, who has helped you lose 75 + pounds and feel the best you've ever felt in years and then your fitness trainer goes away for a ten day international trip..a sense of panic may ensue. It did me!  Now don't get me wrong. I am tickled pink that he took the trip because he is gaining a great wife and I truly wish both of them the very best. She has a been a big help to me too in my weight loss journey. I think the two of them will do great things together! Blessings to them as they begin their new life together. So to help me get through (tomorrow they get home), I kept a day by day journal...

Day One -
Not feeling motivated at all today to go the gym. Why should I go? My fitness trainer won't be there. How would anybody know if I worked out or not?  I could so easily play hooky. Don't I deserve a day off? Take it easy, stay in bed and watch Lifetime movies all day? Yep, such is my thought process on the first day.

I shake the mood off and remember what my fitness trainer told me before he left, "Be a problem solver." He's right. I can't let the fact that my fitness trainer won't be at the gym and my whole schedule has now been disrupted get me down. So I get up and set out to make my fitness trainer proud of me this week by working harder than ever before.

Usually on a Thursday, I will go for a walk in the morning and do a water workout in the afternoon and then go to small group training. But today is all topsy turvy since there is no small group! What to do! What to do? Oh...I am getting that shaky feeling before I have a panic attack. I can hear my fitness trainers voice telling me to breathe and relax. I can do this, I tell myself.

I get my daughter to walk with me around Quail Lake for 1 mile in the early afternoon. Then we go shopping. Afterwards, I head to the gym. I met a few of the other fitness trainers who were very encouraging and understood how hard it is to have your fitness trainer in absentee.

I did good! I rode the exercise bike for 40 minutes doing intervals - starting at level 4 and changing it 2 levels every 5 minutes. Up to level 10 and then back down to level 2. I burned 251 calories that and rode the bike 7 miles! I think that is the best I have ever done.

Then I did water zumba. I tried water zumba once and lasted 10 minutes cuz I couldn't keep up. It was a lot easier this time. Amazing the difference a  75 pound weight loss makes. It was also kind of fun. A different way to move. I'm not very good but I can only get better. After water zumba I did my abs in the water.

One day down! Maybe tomorrow won't be so bad.

Day Two.

You have got to be kidding me! I wasn't looking forward to going to Team Weight Loss class tonight because we had to be in Brookes Team Fitness class and Brooke is tough! Well, so is my fitness trainer but in a different way. My biggest fear in working with a different trainer is that I won't be able to keep up and that I will push too hard and injure myself. Other fitness trainers don't understand when I need to slow down...not like my fitness trainer does.

And today is a blue day...I feel like I am losing interest in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. So to get out of my blue funk. I take my fitness trainers dog for a walk. (I am dog sitting while they are gone.) We went for a 1.77 mile walk. It was really good. I remember when this dog was just a pup and would just ball up and cower on the floor and just sit there. Now he walks along beside me without a leash. Every now and then he runs ahead of me and looks back, cocking his head, like he is wondering why I am sooooo slow. His fitness trainer master is a runner.

Made it to the gym. I rode the bike for 40 minutes again and then did Team class with Brooke. Brooke had us do a Farmers Walk! We had to walk around upstairs holding twenty pound weights. Brooke had to lower mine to 16 pounds cuz 20 pounds hurt my wrists. Carpal tunnel. Then we had to walk around holding 8 pound dumbbells over our heads and then straight out in front of us. Know what fitness trainer? I need stronger back muscles and shoulder muscles. That was stinkin hard!!! After each time we walked around we came back to our starting location and did 3 sets of planks, push-ups and wall squats.

I did weigh in at 221.8 at 5 pm... that's a good thing!

Day Three

It's the weekend already! Kim kept me busy today! Does mall walking count as exercise? I drove up to Denver today and back. It started snowing hard in Denver but by the time we got back to the Springs it was clear.

My nutrition was not to good today...mostly because I ate out, twice. : > ( I did make healthy choices.

I have made a promise to myself. With the holidays coming up there will be quite a few times when I will be out and about shopping. I know I will get hungry. So if I am with anybody and they want to eat out, I will only get a salad or grilled chicken and veggies.

Sorry fitness trainer... I will run extra laps.

Day Four

Sunday! Happy Wedding Day fitness trainer.

Guess what? Your female dog is in heat!!!! Imagine that...you go away to get married and go on your honeymoon and your dog gets pregnant!

No not really. She is in heat and we are doing the best we can to keep the male dogs away. Unless you want puppies? Too bad you can't email, text, or Facebook while you are away...sure would be nice to know...

Kind of jealous today too. You are on a nice warm beach, fitness trainer, and it is 30 degrees today and snowing!!! No walking today. I am going to do an all over house cleaning, decluttering and organizing day starting with the kitchen and working my way around the upstairs.

Is it too early to put up the Christmas tree?

Saw Skyfall tonight, (the new James Bond movie), awesome, awesome movie!

Day Five

Monday...new week begun. I decided to change it up a bit this week and go to the 10:00 team class. Brookes class is still scaring me. Lawerence (aka: Larry Boy) is substituting while my fitness trainer is away. He surely can't be as scary as Brooke right? And plus David has the day off...so it would be nice to be home this evening.

I rode the bike for 20 minutes when I got to the gym. Dani and Mike were there. It's good to have friends at the gym...keeps me motivated. I started my bike ride at level 20 and bumped it down one level every minute.

And then....

I did Team Weight Loss....OMG!!! Lawerence is a tough fitness trainer...and he doesn't take no for an answer. We had to walk sideways and backwards on the treadmill, walk at 15% inclines holding weights, squats, marching steps, etc. Totally different work out!!!! I almost lost it. Walking sideways and backwards makes my brain feel funny. But I tried to do my best....

Really, really missing my fitness trainer today!!!

Did my water workout afterwards. Lawerence said to make sure I drink a protein smoothie before I did my water workout. Is that true, that working out too much will eat away lean muscle???

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