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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Seriously? I love saying that word... seriously? I think if I ever had another dog I would name him/her Seriously. Not that I want to get another dog anytime soon. Since December 27th, when the six puppies were born, I now am back to my original four. All of the puppies have gone to good homes and I would like to thank everyone who has taken one or two. What would I do without you? I am at peace knowing that they all have found good families and will be able to fulfill their purpose of loving their owner. Goodbye, Gizmo, Tuck, Charli, Dexter, Lucy and Skippy. You will forever be remembered....


On to scrapbooking. I am kind of not on speaking terms with my sister until she apologizes, which I hope she does because I do miss talking to her... I made her a birthday card yesterday...

Unfortunately her birthday was yesterday and the card is buried somewhere under piles of stuff in my scrapbook room. Oh...look there is that word seriously again...

Kim and Brent made it back to California safe and sound with all of their 5 dogs. I miss her being here but I know that she should be with her husband. We had fun when Brent was here. We went to Cow Day at Chick-Fil-A. If you dressed up like a cow you would get a free meal. I used my Cricut and made three cows...two with the Create A Critter cartridge and one with the Old West cartridge. I taped paint stirrer sticks on the back of them to make them look like masquerade masks... and amazingly, we all three got a free meal. Cheapest dinner I have had eating out in a long while. I love Chick Fil A too!

I made scrapbook pages with the cows I made. Seriously? Yup

I had the traditional black and white cow

Kim wanted the brown and purple cow

Brent got a manly cow - the longhorn steer

Anything in this economy to save a buck. It pays to be creative.... builds memories


You betcha

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