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Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Musings: Last Weeks Revival Meeting

Last week, Friendship Assembly of God held revival meetings, from Sunday through Wednesday night. I was able to attend Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday night. The speaker was Wes Daughenbaugh. (I think I spelled that right). Sunday night was the night that I got the most "take away.". The sermon was about the 12 Concepts of Faith.

1) Every problem becomes a potential miracle.
2) Any problem, big or small, has grace mixed with it.
3) Never be afraid of external problems
4) God is Always in Control
5) Miracles are found
6) God has preplaced possibilities all around you.
7) The bigger the problem, the greater the grace and the the bigger the miracle.
8) When God gives you favor, you can obtain help from others.
9) Faith is served on a platter.
10) There is always a choice between faith and fear
11) A big pitcher can be filled with a lot of water.
12) No matter what God names, you only get as much as you claim.

What did I get from all that? Grumbling and complaining and having a bad attitude never solves any problems. God wants us to be problem solvers. When we have the right attitude, miracles can and will happen. There are two kinds of problems. Internal and external problems. When a problem happens we need to ask ourselves if it is happening because of a bad attitude, greediness, stress..some kind of inner turmoil. If it is we need to take care of the internal problem, then the external problem, which happens for our good, can be taken care of. I kept looking around for my nutritionist, because I could just hear her saying, "Debbie, control the controllables."

I could really relate this sermon to my weight loss journey. Many times, when I am not losing weight, it is because I have a bad attitude, becoming fearful or having an Eeyore attack...poor me, nobody cares, pity party attack. When I learn to control my bad attitude, I can usually pinpoint more accurately that I have not had enough water, or eaten enough protein or had too many carbs. I can then control the external problem and fix the situation and the weight starts to come off again. Off course, without the grace of God, there is no way possible I could have even attempted to have begun losing this weight. It truly is a miracle, one that I have sought for and worked for. I know that God wants us all to be healthy and I am claiming a complete get to my goal weight, weight loss.

Well...that's how I see it.